Most People Don't Even Want to Talk About This...
But What If Your Health Were at Stake?
...And there's more! The severe itching throughout my body...and my sugar cravings...both are gone! I'm no longer feel tired all the time, or need an afternoon nap! Plus, I've already lost 12 pounds!

Who's The Shocking 'Criminal' that's Making You Fat, Sick...
And CRAZY for Sugar?

What you're about to discover may be shocking. It may even make you squeamish.

So you've got to come to grips with this medical fact: there's a little known microscopic intruder that's stealing your life from you, bit by bit, day by day. It's literally creating a life of havoc for you, with symptoms like these:

Unfortunately, these are just SOME of the symptoms. There are more...

...Diarrhea... Chronic Constipation... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... Low Energy... Dry Skin... Dry Hair... Allergies... Itchy Nose... Itchy Skin... Depression... Recurring Yeast Infections... Forgetfulness... Restlessness... Weight Gain... Muscle Pain... Joint Pain... Relentless Sweet Cravings... Numbness of your Hands and/or Feet... Heart Pain... Pain in your Navel... Pain in your Back, Thighs or Shoulders... Arthritis... Eating but still feeling hungry... Unable to lose (or gain) weight... And a whole lot MORE!

Your Children are Susceptible Too

And your children are vulnerable to parasites too. What you may classify as normal childhood behavior may in fact be symptoms of parasites.

Such symptoms include:

And if your child sleeps on their knees at night, they could also have parasites.

Do you have any of those symptoms?

If so, prepare to be shocked, disgusted and begging for immediate relief. (But don't lose heart, because relief is at hand...)

This is not a problem most people know about. Nor do their doctors, which might explain why your doctor never talks about it. Only a tiny minority of doctors has expertise on this topic. But it's still a medical fact that 9 out of 10 people in the United States have it. Yes, even in a First World country like America.


What am I talking about? PARASITES!

(Picture of Dead Parasite that came from Mike’s bowels.)

"I Passed A Huge Parasite"

"“Robin, I know you have been preaching about the importance of cleansing and detoxing. But I never thought that I had parasites. 

“I finally decided to try the detox trio and boy was I shocked! I passed a huge parasite, and I actually emailed you the picture of it from the toilet! I no longer crave alcohol especially beer on a daily basis and the best news is… my stomach got flatter!


A customer of mine sent this picture. He was totally shocked and disgusted it came out of his body.

Truth is: most people are appalled and revolted when they look in the toilet and see a dead parasite that just came out of their rear.

Most people think only locals in developing countries... you know, the ones with no running water and sewage creeks near their homes... get parasites. And it's true they're subjected to terrible environments and parasite invasions are common.

But the truth is that parasites are common to Americans, too!

It's vital to your health and well-being that you know this information.

You may think you're feeding yourself quality nutrients, maybe even organic foods and supplements...

But if parasites are hiding inside you, all those good nutrients are going to the parasite and none to you. You're being robbed blind! Think about that.

It Gets Worse than "Just" Stealing Your Nutrients

Wait... It gets worse!

Parasites don't just get first dibs on the nutrients you consume. They use your body as a breeding ground. Parasites can lay up to 6,000 eggs a day. Some microscopic parasites produce even more.

There's a 9 in 10 chance you have parasites living in you right now. And, they're eating and eliminating every day. Over time, their toxins build up and challenge your immune system to work overtime. This makes you susceptible to disease.

Usually, when I tell people this medical fact, they want to know...

How Could I Possibly Get Parasites in America?

There are many ways you can contract parasites. From your household pet, the foods you eat, and even your loved ones.

Maybe you have a dog or cat at home. If your dog has hookworm or heartworm, he may lick his anus, picking up some larvae on his tongue. Then, when licking your hands or face, he transmits these parasites to you. And if your dog ever sleeps in your bed, it can inadvertently deposit parasites in your bedding.

Plus, animal fecal matter is a common source of parasites.

Do You Accidentally Eat Parasites?

Love sushi? Watch out... It's a common way to get parasites! Fish tapeworms can be large. And any uncooked or rarely cooked meat... especially pork... can be riddled with living parasites... even if it's "cured".

Another common way to get parasites is from day old food. Remember parasites are in approximately 50 to 60 percent of the foods we eat. Even vegetables can carry many different types of parasites. The tip here is to always peel and clean your vegetables well, especially if you're eating them raw. And especially if they're imported.

Do You Make Love With Parasites?

You may be sleeping with the enemy...

A common parasite path is through an exchange of bodily fluids from sexual contact or even from saliva in the mouth. Parasites, especially on a microscopic level travel through the mouth and in many cases in a man's semen.

Dr. Parcels reveals how pinworms may be found in the vagina, uterus, and even the fallopian tubes. This can happen when the female worm loses her way while traveling to the anus after depositing her eggs.

Another sexually transmitted parasite is the trichomonis vaginalis, which both men and women can contract. In women, these parasites cause a foul smelling discharge, painful urination, and bladder and the urethra problems.

In men it causes reproductive, prostate, and urinary tract infections. This is why it's critical for both spouses to treat with the parasite-cleansing program, in order to avoid reinfection.
Otherwise, even if you're clear, you can get re-infected if your spouse or partner has parasites.

Now the next thing people are desperate to know when they hear this is...

How Can I Get Rid of These 'Criminals', Fast?

The National Institute of Health has determined there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa. After hearing this fact, it's logical to discover how you could ever have contracted parasites.

Fact is, there are many ways to contract parasites.

There are both large and small parasites. The large ones are easy to see with the human eye. Small parasites are microscopic. But don't let their size fool you. Microscopic parasites can be very dangerous.

They can get into your joints and eat the calcium linings of your bones, which can lead to arthritis. Dr. Roger Mason wrote an article called, "The Causation of Rheumatoid Disease". In it he suggests that a particular type of parasite, called indolimax nanna, causes Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as a whole host of muscle and joint related health challenges.

Roughly 30 percent of parasites reside in your digestive system. The other 70 percent are located throughout your body, in your bloodstream, muscles, bones, various organs (including liver and pancreas), sinus cavities, eyes, and even your brain.

Eliminate Parasites, Their Droppings
and Their Damage
From Your System, FAST!

Thank God there's a way you can rid yourself of these nasty creatures from your body. But it's critical you follow the program exactly.

This is a 3-part all-natural program, and it's specifically designed to rid your body of the harmful effects of nasty parasites and their symptoms.

It's called The Detox Trio Package. It consists of: the Parasite Cleanse, the Detox Tea and the Colon Cleanse, offered as a package from Renu Herbs.

Each part of the Detox Trio Package is important.

Don't try to use this piecemeal, or you could be leaving very damaging after-effects of the parasites inside your body.

Let me explain:

That’s why Renu Herbs Colon Cleanse is critical to the success of The Detox Trio Package!

Imagine all these terrible symptoms and their effects gone!

You're feeling energized… with glowing skin… 
and a flattened tummy!

And feeling great about life! Getting compliments about how you slimmed down, how good you look and how full of life! These are the results thousands are now enjoying!

What did all these people do?

Just like you, they landed on this site and discovered a way out of their blah's.

"World Renown Gospel Artist
Sings Praise For The Detox Trio!"

"I've tried many different natural cleansing products. I believe in keeping my internal house of the Lord clean. After many trials and errors, I'm so thankful to have found Robin Anthony and her Renu Herbs Detox Trio. I trust Robin and I know the herbs she uses are chemical-free and safe. That's important to me as a consumer and as a mom.

The Detox Trio is impeccable! I have never experienced any cramping or bloating with the Trio. Bottom line: it works! My skin is clear … my stomach is flat … and people can't believe my age! YEAH!

I applaud Robin Anthony for listening to God's voice, following her heart and wanting to help the world!"

Yolanda Adams
The Yolanda Adams Morning Show
Renown Gospel Artist


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Robin Anthony
Founder, Renu Herbs

P.S. I want you to know there are thousands now who have experienced the health breakthroughs from the Detox Trio. Here are a few more of their stories…

"I was a walking time bomb"

"I suffered from many illnesses including high blood pressure. Plus I weighed 245 pounds. After taking your amazing products, my blood pressure is now 126/86 and I've lost over 40 pounds! I finally found something I can stay committed to. Thanks to God and you Robin!"

- Dewanna Richard

"Itching stopped!"

"My husband went to bed every night with an itchy back. It would not itch at any other time except at night. Well, he started on the Parasite cleanser and the itching stopped! But what is very interesting is the fact that after a week and a half, he stopped using the Parasite cleanser. The itching came back. When he recommitted to using the product, the itching stopped again. He is SOLD on Renu Herbs and for my husband, that is a pretty big thing for him."

- Iris S. Virginia

"Lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks!"

"It has only been 2 weeks since I started the Detox Trio and I have lost 14 pounds. I thank God for you and your vision."

- Lynn, New Jersey

"Sugar cravings are GONE!""

"Before trying the Detox trio, I was having a constant itch throughout my body and also sugar cravings. I stayed bloated no matter how much I exercised. Within a week of using your products, I started feeling much better! The itching is gone and I’m not craving as many sweets like before. Plus, my stomach is so much flatter. The bad taste in my mouth is also gone. I started my family on your products and we are all feeling better. Thank you for great products."

-Kimberly Montgomery

"No More Tummy Problems!"

"I was diagnosed with diverticulitis… faithfully,  every morning I take the Parasite Killer and Detox Tea. No more tummy problems! My bowels move regularly (which is very important with diverticulitis) and I know my colon is clean."

-Cynthia Smith


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"After 2 Days She Saw Parasites In Her Stool..."

"I recommended The Detox Trio to a friend. She is over 300 pounds, sluggish & miserable. She used the Trio and in 2 days she said she had so much energy, the dark circles under her eyes were getting lighter and skin texture looks flawless. After 2 days she saw parasites in her stool every day. She has nothing but praise for your product."

-Tracy A Gates

"A Great Product For Your Skin"

“Before using The Detox Trio Package, I felt very tired and fatigued. I had low energy, and was mentally worn out. After taking it, I no longer feel tired, or fatigued. My energy level is better and I am more alert mentally. It is a great product for your skin. I love it and I will recommend it to all of my family and friends. Thanks and God bless!!!!!!”

-Willette Crosby

"… To The Skeptics… Detox Trio Really Works!"

“The first round of Detox Trio, I was looking to see worms or parasites, but never saw anything.  But I did notice that my craving for sweets had decreased tremendously. I began the 2nd round to jump start my additional weight loss, as I can honestly admit to slacking off a little. So here I am conducting business as usual this morning, and without providing ‘too much information’, too my surprise I found a 5 inch worm on the tissue after wiping.  I did not expect the tincture to work in one day but it did!  I was thoroughly disgusted with myself because I hate worms, but I was also happy to see the little invader be flushed down the toilet. All I can say to the skeptics is the product really work.”


"I Think I Have Seen A Monster"

“I first heard about your website from my cousin who swears by your products. I was convinced that this was the best thing for me. I had a baby a year ago and was given a lot of medicine; therefore, I knew I needed a detox. So I tried The Detox Trio Package and the next morning my eczema was just about gone. When I went to the restroom, I was able to witness everything from fuzzy balls to things I could not name after one day. Tonight, I think I have seen a monster. I have never in my life imagined things were growing inside of me like that. Thank you for this product and thank you for creating a product that really, REALLY works.”



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